Saturday, June 25, 2011

Behind LuLu Makeup

Lu sisters
Dane, Char, Li and Jus

Lu sisters Char, Jus and Dane collaborated to start LuLu Makeup agreeing that everyone can wear makeup no matter what age group, to bring out the confidence and style of a woman.


Char, a makeup artist and beauty blogger, believes that to bring out the best from her client, she must make her feel beautiful inside and out. She believes that LuLu Makeup helps her easily transform her clients to a beautiful butterfly who is more confident and ready for whatever occassion.


Jus, a young professional and doing fashion styling on the side, knows that looking good is part of growing up. Now that she is a embarking the corporate life, she believes that looking presentable and polished helps her stay ahead and be more professional.


Dane, a college freshman who is also ShopSui's model, thinks that this is the stage of her life to be more creative in terms of her look and style. Looking all fresh and pretty in school, and brightening up her look with a pop of color for school events and parties.

Each on different paths but realizes that LuLu Makeup adds a spark of fun and helps them with their journey towards life by looking good and feeling good.

LuLu Makeup, the Real makeup

*Makeup by: Charlene Lu-Tan


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