Thursday, July 28, 2011

Portfolio: Bohemian Look

For our first month anniversary, we bring you a collection of different looks that you can recreate using LuLu Makeup.

Bohemian Look

Bohemian looks whether it be in fashion or in beauty is always laid back. Fringes, fish tails, bronzed all fall in this category. Our interpretation of the Bohemian look is inspired by the sunset and bronzed cheeks. It's a colored look but is very easy to do.

Say focused on Dane's eyes first. She chose sunset colors red and yellow. She used LuLu Makeup's Rio Palette and chose a matte yellow eyeshadow to use for the inner lid color and then blended it with orange eyeshadow on the middle and chose a shimmery red color on the outer v. And for the lower lash line to give it a little bit more color, she mixed red and violet eyeshadow together and applied it and smudged a bit of gold on the inners of the lower lash line. For the cheeks, she contoured using the contour powder of Beverly Hills Palette and mixed orange and gold blush from the Rio Palette to apply just a little above the contour to sculpt the face. Lastly, the lip shade Say chose is a deep chocolate red lip color from the Paris Lip Palette and applied it using a lip brush for precise definition.

Model: Dane Lu
Photography: Ed Altares

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