Saturday, August 13, 2011

Portfolio: Burlesque Look

For our first month anniversary, we bring you a collection of different looks that you can recreate using LuLu Makeup.

Burlesque Look

For the divas, this is a great makeup! The Burlesque look is all about red lips, shimmery heavy eye makeup and big hair. It's also a good party makeup and you're sure to be the life of the party with this look!

Janica picked a red eyeshadow as lid color from the LuLu Makeup Madrid Palette and made it all the more dramatic by blending black eyeshadow to the crease. For highlight, she chose white shimmer eyeshadow and pat a little gold shimmer eyeshadow on to the middle of the lid to make it more glittery. And for the pout, she chose a dark maroon lip color from LuLu Makeup's Paris Lip Palette.

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