Monday, August 15, 2011

Portfolio: Underwater Look

For our first month anniversary, we bring you a collection of different looks that you can recreate using LuLu Makeup.

Underwater Look

For our final set, we wanted a fun, almost avant garde look that can be worn even on ordinary days and we came up with the Underwater look. It's all about blue eyeshadow, winged eye for drama and soft pink cheeks.

Janica and Say both worked on Justine for this look. First, they put a small amount of petroleum jelly on the lid to make it shiny. They chose to use LuLu Makeup Beverly Hills Palette and used a blue green eyeshadow with shimmer as the lid color. They blended it with a little bit of light blue eyeshadow on the crease and the lower lashline. And they used a black eyeshadow as eyeliner and exaggerated it for a wing. For blush, they chose a peach colored blush from the same palette. And for the lips, they used a pink lip color from LuLu Makeup Paris Lip Palette and used a gold lip gloss to make it shinier.

Model: Dane Lu
Photography: Ed Altares

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