Sunday, November 6, 2011

LuLu Makeup Meeting with Ambassadors

We are so excited and proud to introduce you to 2 new Ambassadors of LuLu Makeup. We have announced that we are currently looking for ambassadors and we have chosen 2 ladies who we feel suit the LuLu brand.

Joanna Abraham

Jus and Dane were both not available the day we were supposed to meet with the new ambassadors so Char met with them instead.

They met in Icebergs Eskimo Bob for some dessert, to talk more about the Ambassador program and also to get to know each other more.


We decided to get Joanne because we really saw her desire. Joanne really showed us that she truly wanted to be one of our ambassadors. She's very pretty and sweet and not to mention- very talented. The reason why her blog url is joannesings is because she's actually a singer same as her husband. She's pretty new at blogging but she definitely shows great potential.


Jes started as one of our followers in twitter and we have seen and read her blog even before she applied to be an ambassador. What's so striking about Jes is her looks! She looks like a beauty queen. She's so beautiful and when Char met with her and got to know her better, she learned that she's beautiful not only outside but inside too. All her blog posts are worth reading and she gives really good reviews of products.

LuLu Makeup is definitely lucky to have Joanne and Jes as our ambassadors. We can't wait to showcase their looks and future videos on our site. Both of them are really beautiful and will surely transform into different looks using LuLu Makeup.

We are so excited and happy to have Joanne and Jes. And we are still open and looking for more ambassadors to join our little circle. :) You can just send as an email if any of you are interested.

Catch more from LuLu Makeup and our partners and ambassadors! And keep spreading the LuLu love! :)

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