Saturday, July 30, 2011

Portfolio: Eve Look

For our first month anniversary, we bring you a collection of different looks that you can recreate using LuLu Makeup.


When we think of Eve (of Adam and Eve), all of us thought imagined her having red lips, subtle pin up look, a temptress. Very light eye makeup and the focus is on glowing skin and red red lips. It's a pretty simple look focusing all on the pout.

Say has already perfected the pin up look. She used silver eyeshadow and mixed it with a little bit of beige eyeshadow for the lid from the LuLu Makeup's Madird Palette. She added white eyeshadow on the tearducts and the inners of the eyes. Using black gel eyeliner, she flicked the ends to create a sultry wing. For the face, she contoured and highlighted her features using Beverly Hills Palette contour and highlighter colors. For the blush, she chose a peach pink matte blush also from Beverly Hills Palette. Lastly, for the red lips, she chose a lip color that is red with a hint of orange tint from the Paris Lip Palette.

Photography: Ed Altares

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