Sunday, July 31, 2011

Portfolio: High Fashion Look

For our first month anniversary, we bring you a collection of different looks that you can recreate using LuLu Makeup.

High Fashion

Deciding on what look to do for avant garde is quite tricky. Sometimes Avant Garde pegs just look messy and some are outrageous. For our inspiration, we focused on a High fashion look that would showcase the eyeshadows and look good on editorials.

Janica chose three main colors for the eyeshadows and kept the rest of the face clean. She chose an orange eyeshadow from the LuLu Makeup's Beverly Hills Palette as lid color. For the crease, she used a matte purple eyeshadow from the Madrid Palette and blended it upto the brow bone for that avant garde look. And for the lower lashline, she chose a blue eyeshadow from the Madid Palette. Now to make it more dramatic, she put on very thick false eyelashes. And finalized it with a plum lip color from the Paris Lip Palette.

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